Why choose laser marker?

Why choose laser marker?There are many reasons.(1) The optical utilization of optical fibers is higher than 80%, while that of semiconductors is only about 40%, so 10W optical fibers basically cover the processing range of 50W semiconductors; (2) high pulse repetition frequency, stable output power, single pulse energy fluctuation is less than 1%, realizing high-speed laser marking, accurately controlling the size, shape and depth of the spot; and (3) strong environmental adaptability, high vibration, high humidity environment can be continuous. Normal operation; (4) Adopting built-in air-cooled cooling mode, without water cooling, high efficiency, small size and low weight of the whole machine; (5) Simple and easy to use, without optical adjustment and maintenance, high integration, compact structure, few faults, better anti-vibration and anti-dust performance than others; (5) With light isolator, reflective light can be shielded and can be operated on high reflective surfaces such as gold, silver, copper, aluminium and silicon, without any need. It deviates from the positive center of field mirror and widens the application field. For different metals, the output laser of fiber laser can be used by adjusting the frequency and energy.

laser marking carbon fiber

Then the laser marking carbon fiber can be marked by scanning galvanometer system. Its electro-optic conversion efficiency is high. The cooling method of air cooling is compact, the beam quality is good, the reliability is high, and the operation life is long.

It is mainly used in depth, smoothness and fineness. Field. Fiber laser has recently become a hot topic in laser research and is considered as a new product to replace solid-state lasers in an all-round way. There are two main trends in the future development of optical fiber laser marker: (1) The improvement of the performance of the marker itself: improving the output power and power conversion efficiency, optimizing the beam quality, shortening the length of gain optical fiber, improving the stability of the system and making it compact is the focus of the research. (2) Development of a new type of fiber laser: In the time domain, ultra-short pulse mode-locked fiber laser with smaller duty cycle is a hot research topic in the field of laser, and high power femtosecond pulse fiber laser is a long-term goal. In the frequency domain, the development of broadband output and tunable fiber laser will become a hot spot.

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